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Scribe recently released the November 2012 Scribe Online update. This release provides the following new features, along with other fixes and improvements:

  • For a specific Organization, you can now determine if you want to receive email notications when:
    • A Scirbe Online run fails with a fatal error.
    • During a run, one or more records fail.
    • A Scribe Online Heartbeat Failure occurs.
    • A Scribe-certified Connector that you have requested has been installed or uninstalled by an outside vendor.
    • For Connector vendors, a user has installed or uninstalled your Connector from the Marketplace

For more information, see Managing Notifications in the Scribe Online Help Center.

  • For Scribe Online SYS maps, you can now set a<font> skip rule for an entity that allows you to test for a condition in your source or target. If the condition is true for that record, Scribe Online will skip it (that is, the record is not processed). For information about creating and using skip rules, see Creating a Skip Rule under Linking Data Fields and Data Preview in the Scribe Online Help Center. </font>
  • You can now refresh your view of the All Organizations page without leaving that page. For more information, see Viewing All Organizations.

For more details about this releasee, see the Scribe Online November Release Notes.

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