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Forum Topic: "Moving the Scribe Internal database to a different server and a different version of SQL"

I have been tasked with moving my ScribeInternal Database from a 2005 SQL server to a 2008 SQL server. These are separate physical servers. What are the steps to complete this process? Is it a matter of copying the databases from server to server, mapping the logins via SQL tools and scripts and then reconfiguring my integrations to point to the new SQL server? FYI, we have CRM/ GP integrations running and we are only moving the databases not the application server.

Posted by Rick W on Nov 04, 2009 07:20PM Return to top
endorsed Hi Rick,

I'd recommend running through the steps below in a test environment prior to executing in production.

To move your SCRIBEINTERNAL database from a one SQL Server to another, you must follow these steps -

Backup your SCRIBEINTERNAL database on your source server.

Create a new SCRIBEINTERNAL database on the target server -

Run the internaldb.exe program from the Insight Server.  The default location is in the C:\Program Files\Scribe directory.  

On the Internal Database tab, click the Install Internal Database button, click OK to stop Scribe services

Click Next on the Database Setup window.

Enter the required authenication information and the name of the target server (be sure to enter the same SCRIBEINTERNAL database name being used on the source server), then  click Next.

On the Internal Database tab, click the Test Connection button and update if necessary.

Restore the source SCRIBEINTERNAL database onto the target server -

Restore the *.bak file to the SCRIBEINTERNAL database created on the target server and overwrite the existing database.

Test Connectivity to the target server -

Go to the Internal Database tab in the internaldb.exe program and click the Test Connection button.


-If you have moved your Scribe Insight installation to a new server please follow these instructions-

1) When the test is successful, click Move Internal Database.

2) Stop the 5 Scribe Services from your Administrative Tools>Services window.

3) Enter the name of the computer where Scribe Insight is installed (not the SQL server or instance) in the New Server window and the name of the computer where Scribe Insight was previously installed in the Old Server window.

7) Click Change Server.

Open the Workbench and re-register the Insight Server.

I hope this helps you.


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Posted by Melanie B on Nov 06, 2009 05:27PM Return to top

Thank you for the reply. Since we remapped all the logins with SQL tools I was able to get this to work by simply restoring the database to the new server, running the internalDB.exe Scribe Utility and pointing my DSN ScribeInternal_MS  to the new server and verifying the login information. I then restarted the Scribe Server.  Did I miss anything?

Posted by Rick W on Nov 20, 2009 04:55PM Return to top


When you moved the Scribe Internal database to a new server, were the Scribe versions the same?  I'm attempting to do the same job, but first need to update my scribe internal from 6.51 to 7.0 and receive an error.

Posted by Mike M on Mar 13, 2013 11:40AM Return to top
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