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Forum Topic: "In Insight 7.5, multiple String User Variables used in a source SQL query do not substitute values correctly but the query does not fail"


<font>If more than one user variable (of type String only) is used in a SQL source query, the actual values used in the second (and subsequent) variables in the query will be incorrect. Under these conditions, this error occurs in a DTS run in the Workbench or Message Processor. For example, if you create two Calculated and/or Prompted String Variables – vUserVar1 and vUserVar2, with values "Foo" and "Qux" respectively, and use them in the following query:</font>

select * from MyTable where Field1 = :vUserVar1 or Field2 = :vUserVar2

the actual query executed would be:

select * from MyTable where Field1 = ‘Foo’ or Field2 = ‘Foo’’Qux’

The query that is executed will result in an incorrect number of rows in the recordset. No errors will be raised by SQL Server as it ignores or misinterprets the incorrect values in the second variable.

A hotfix is being created for this issue and will be posted shortly.


Posted by Joe D on Jan 27, 2012 11:54AM Return to top

A hotfix for this issue is available for download on the Scribe Insight Download page. Installation instructions can be found at

Posted by Bob Sturim ( on Jan 27, 2012 04:39PM Return to top
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